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Classes Will Be Starting September 2015

GENTLE Yoga                $45/Month 

Days: M/W/F      Time: 8:30-9:30am

Hatha Vinyasa Style (60 Min.)

This class is preferred by people who like a gentler, slower pace.   more info…

ENERGY FLOW Yoga    $45/Month 

Days: M/W        Time: 5:20-5:45pm

Ashgtanga Flow Style (25 Min.)

This class is preferred by people who are physically active.   more info…

RELAXATION Yoga       $45/Month

Days: M/W         Time: 5:45-6:45pm 

Hatha Vinyasa Style (60 Min.)

This class is preferred by people who are seeking relaxation techniques to reduce stress and tension.  more info…

Drop-In Fee: $10/Class

First Class is FREE!

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Yoga in Melbourne Fl

         Classes held at Connectivity
   1751 Sarno Rd. #3 – Melbourne, FL 32935


yoga studio in Melbourne FlGentle Yoga in Melbourne Fl

Millions of people all over the world practice gentle yoga on a regular basis, due to its numerous benefits. It is not a secret that yoga can significantly improve the quality of life if you truly want it and you are motivated enough. Yoga Classes Melbourne FL promotes mental, physical and spiritual healing and well-being. Find more about a yoga studio in Melbourne Fl.   read more →

yoga class in Melbourne FlYoga Class in Melbourne Fl

For those who lead a stressful life, whether it is because of work, family, finances, or other circumstances, a great yoga school in Melbourne Florida will help alleviate that stress level. Not only are you going to be working on breathing patterns, your well-being, and serenity (peace of mind), you can also get a pretty good workout, depending on the type of yoga lessons…         read more →

Yoga for Beginners in Melbourne FlYoga for Beginners in Melbourne Fl

Yoga for beginners is one of the most therapeutic, relaxing and soul-enriching activities anyone can engage in. As such, it is little surprise that the number of yoga teachers around the world continues to grow every year. When just starting out on your journey with Yoga studios in Melbourne Florida, it is important to be well-informed to get the…   read more →

Yoga for Men in Melbourne FloridaYoga for Men in Melbourne Fl

Yoga for men is known to be a great remedy of stress. It combines several known stress relieving techniques which includes breath control, body relaxation, stretching and clearing of the mind. Yoga in Melbourne Fl is becoming more popular by the day as people are learning the benefits associated with this traditional practice. Men are also embracing this practice…  read more →